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Companion Planting

  • Julie Kilpatrick

Ever wondered why you see flowering plants such as marigolds and nasturtiums growing alongside vegetables in allotments?

Create a Wildlflower Meadow

  • Ivan Hicks

Garden designer Ivan Hicks, co-creator of the meadow at Butterfly World, gives us his top tips on creating a wildflower meadow.

English, Scottish and Spanish Bluebells

  • Julie Kilpatrick

Everybody loves bluebells but UK readers beware. Our native bluebells are under threat, and not necessarily in the way you might think.

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How to Improve Clay Soil

If you have it, you may not be able to think of it as a blessing at all but you may feel better to know that clay soil is capable of holding onto more of the nutrients your plants need than any other type of soil.

Collecting and Using Seaweed

As a result of using seaweed, seed germination is better, root systems are healthier and there is increased resistance to disease.