Planning your garden

To help you plan your year, Gardenzine has produced month by month guides to tasks in your garden. We've put some events in there as well and, if you know of any events we haven't listed, please let us know and we'll add them for you.

Planners are available as webpages with links where appropriate or in .pdf format so that you can print a paper copy. Simply click on the month of your choice in the format you require.

July in the garden

July is going to be hot, hot, hot - at least that's what we're all hoping! Our plants are well under way and fruits are beginning to swell so its vitally important we adopt a regular watering regime.

View May calendar as webpage

Download May calendar as printable .pdf

In the vegetable garden, you can still make late sowings of leafy salad crops and you'll be earthing up maincrop potatoes for the last time.

Keep on dead-heading herbaceous perennials and clip lavender just after flowering to prevent the plant from becoming leggy.

The big garden shows for this months are Hampton Court and Tatton Park - great show gardens and floral marquees as usual.

If you're running behind, have a look at June's calendar and in case you want to plan ahead, here's our monthly planners for the whole year:

July as webpage
July as printable .pdf

August as webpage
August as printable .pdf

September as webpage
September as printable .pdf

October as webpage
October as printable .pdf

November as webpage
November as printable .pdf

December as webpage
December as printable .pdf

January as webpage
January as printable .pdf

February as webpage
February as printable .pdf

March as webpage
March as printable .pdf

April as webpage
April as printable .pdf

May as webpage
May as printable .pdf

June as webpage
June as printable .pdf

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