What does your garden reveal about you?

Is it really possible to predict what your garden will look like according to your star sign?

Will a Gemini's garden look any different to a Scorpion's?

Russell Grant seems to think so. Here's his predictions for each of the star signs....

Aries Aries might put a lot of thought into its creation but they wonít want to feel committed to having to put constant and regular effort into their garden. They will therefore go for the natural look such as weathered tree trunks, long grasses, wild flowers and water features that look more like a happy accident than anything that has been contrived or planned.

If you take a look at an Arianís garden, you will get a good idea on how busy their lifestyle is at that particular time. If for instance the garden is thriving, with flowers colourful and blooming, Aries will be going through a more relaxed phase of life. If the plants are all shriveled and the lawn full of weeds it is likely Aries is up to his or her eyes in commitments elsewhere. This is when their garden is the last thing on their mind. Aries doesnít mind a bit of clutter around them and will not be a fussy gardener.

Taurus Taurus loves nature and will take an avid interest in all the wildlife in their garden. In fact their garden is likely to be a wildlife haven, designed especially to attract a range of wildlife visitors. Taurus will be careful about the type of weed and pest control they use and will prefer organic methods.

They will plant wildflowers native to their environment and blooms that will attract butterflies and birds in the summer. Expect to see plenty mature trees in the Taureanís garden but there will also be a formality to their garden which will contain pretty pathways, ornamental features and neat lawns. A quentisential picture of natureís serenity! Ruled by Venus, Taurus has an affinity with nature; they love the countryside and enjoy witnessing the changing seasons.

Gemini If the Gemini garden reflects their personality, it is likely to have a lot of interesting features that will catch the eye and make a good talking point for visitors. Both by day and by night, this garden will have strategically placed trees, bushes and architectural features that will delight the eye. Theyíre likely to use outdoor garden lighting to spotlight and enhance their favourite pieces. Young at heart the Gemini will have gnomes and leprechauns hiding behind bushes and animal statues in the most unexpected places. If there are trees there is bound to be a tree house somewhere in the branches and Gemini will spend as much time there as the kids do!

There will also be half finished projects all about the place showing the Geminiís love of learning through trial and error.

Cancer Thereís something homely and ancient about the Cancerianís garden. It will feel as if it has been established for years even if it was designed fairly recently. The Cancerian will embrace the challenge of growing their own food and will have a kitchen garden or at least a corner plot full of herbs, vegetables and other edible plants and trees. In their greenhouse, Cancer will grow tomatoes and strawberries, peppers and winter salads. Itís not just about saving money because Cancer will enjoy nurturing their garden. Thereís a sense of pride in being able to feed their family through produce grown on their own property.

Many items in the Cancerianís garden will have sentimental value. The bird bath might have been a gift from a grandparent, the pear tree planted to commemorate a birth in the family, the lavender, a reminder of an auntís favourite perfume. Cancer will treasure the reminders of the past within their garden and will look forward to each growing season.

Leo The Leoís garden is likely to be full of colour and creativity. Theirs is a garden that inspires hope and warm feelings. Leo will be constantly experimenting and in the spring they will introduce new plants, enjoying the anticipation of what they might sprout into. The Leoís garden in the summer will be vibrant and magical with sweet fragrances. There is likely to be a variety of yellow and orange flowers that are great for attracting insects and birds. Leo will go for plenty curves and interesting features as well as colour.

Many Leos will have a rose garden as this is a flower that stirs their soul. Leo is a huge-hearted sign and roses have inspired poets and writers for thousands of years. The Leoís rose garden will be in a spot where they can admire the sight and enjoy the fragrance of these beautiful flowers every day.

Virgo Virgo is one of the earth signs; they love nature but there is also a perfectionist side to their nature that suggests they prefer to see things tidy and in control. For that reason their gardens are likely to be carefully cultivated and quite formal in nature. Expect to see lawns with crisp neat edges, well-defined pathways and clipped hedges. A water garden will add a touch of movement although fountains and ponds are likely to again have distinct shapes.

The Virgoís garden will be designed for visual harmony and tranquility reflecting the Virgoís orderly nature. Balconies, patios and decks will be decorated with terra cotta or wood containers (no plastic pots for the Virgo) planter boxes and attractive hanging baskets.

Libra Of concern to Libra will be the ecological balance of their garden. They will enjoy designing a patch that will attract wildlife and this is how they keep unwanted pests at bay. Libra loves beauty in all forms and the colourful moths, butterflies, insects and birds that visit their well-planned garden plot will add an extra dimension to their specially designed vista. There will be nothing ugly or overgrown here but there will be features that will provide year-round interest.

The Libran will put time an effort into the design; their aim will be for their garden to look a natural part of the landscape. However theyíre likely to employ someone else to do all the dirty work!

Scorpio The Scorpio loves perfection and thatís why thereís always something tidy and picture perfect about their garden. And yet it doesnít look contrived or unnatural. The Scorpioís garden is likely to look attractive with a lot of colour and texture and no matter how carefully designed it may be, the aim will be for it to look quite natural. A small stream might flow into a larger pond, a lawn leading to hedges and woodland beyond.

There may be a formal side and a wild side which provides a haven for wildlife and birds. The Scorpioís garden would never suffer from neglect. If they canít attend to it, they will find someone who will. Like all other areas of their life Scorpio would take their gardening responsibilities very seriously.

Sagittarius Some people call them weeds, Sagittarians know them better as wild flowers. Just as the Sagittarian hates to be tamed or subdued, their gardens will be spacious and informal. Here, flowers, trees and shrubs are left to develop under natural conditions. This may not be the best garden in town but it will draw peopleís attention as it lends a natural, undisciplined air with nature herself being given the controlling hand in its construction.

So there will be something untamed, wild and wonderful about the Sagittarius garden. It might always look like a work in progress! Sagittarius is a wild life lover and will place more priority to the needs of the birds, insects and animals that might live and find shelter in their garden than in its appearance. Bird baths will always have water, birdhouses will always be well stocked with nuts and other tasty titbits. Dead vines will be left trailing for birds to eat the seeds. Sagittarius would be happy to have a wildflower meadow as a garden, providing a natural habitat for insects and small mammals. While add a small or even large garden pond and they will have their own little wildlife sanctuary!

Capricorn There is likely to be a strong sense of traditional landscaping in the Capricornís garden. Practical by nature, Capricorn will appreciate how gardens in the past were planned for purely functional reasons. Big garden plots would have been used to feed families and Capricorn will still enjoy this purposeful kind of gardening.

The Capricornís garden might be designed around specific focal points. Whether large or small, the eye will be directed to a dramatic ornamental statue, an attractive water feature or an unusual plant or tree. After noticing this focal feature, more new things will be noticed as the Capricornís aim is for people to discover their garden slowly with appreciation, rather than take it in all at once. Rock gardens that mimick a mountainside, with perennials that will grow for years and that need little attention are also perfect for those born under the sign of the Goat.

Aquarius There will be plenty to surprise and delight in the Aquarianís garden. Rather than going for anything traditionalist or formal, Aquarius will delight in deconstructing old garden designs and ideas to experiment with new ones. Those born under this imaginative and creative sign will not stick with rules about where they should and should not dig or which flowers to plant side-by-side. They will go with what feels right for them. Somewhere there will be a garden hut that contains all sorts of unusual gadgets and tools designed to make gardening easier!

The Aquarianís garden will reflect their artistic eye. There may be sculptures that donít appear to go well together and yet, there will be something intriguing about them. Variety, colour and texture all go to make for something imaginative, special and fun.

Pisces The Pisces garden will reflect their love of peace and tranquility. It will be a serene place where people will feel comfortable and at ease. The nurturing side of the Pisces nature will make sure that their garden has everything it needs to develop and grow into something that is both relaxing and pleasing to the eye.

Scents here are vibrant and flowers will be carefully selected for their aroma. A combination of colours, all complementing each other will be evidence of the romantic and sensitive side of the Piscenís nature. Pisces is likely to go for the weathered look no matter what the age of their garden with even a newly designed Pisces garden looking as if it was established decades ago.

For more of Russell's predictions www.russellgrant.com

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