Become a Gardenzine Expert

If you are a gardening professional or an expert on any gardening subject, why not share your knowledge with the Gardenzine community?

As a Gardenzine expert, we will mail you questions from the Gardenzine community relative to your chosen field of expertise. Each time we use one of your answers, we will link back to your profile on Gardenzine and to your website or blog.

There is no obligation to answer questions and no upper or lower limit on the amount of queries you are required to answer. The more you answer, the more links you will get to your profile page. If you have written an article for Gardenzine, your profile will also link to those pages.

Send us a photo of yourself plus a short bio and we'll list you on our experts page. If you have a website or blog, please feel free to promote it in your bio and we'll link to it on your profile.

Please state which field of gardening you are an expert in and why.

Send your bio to Please attach a photo of yourself or send us a link to an image on your website that we can download.

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